Or would you buy a new dot-matrix printer just because of position out? If you discussions about the cheaper range of equipment for instance a VCD or even a DVD (none branded), yes the users may indeed throw it off to the garbage bin and have a new unit with a single 12 months warranty-free of troubles and hassle sending the equipment to a repair shop. In the event the equipment cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars, definitely you have to send it for repair unless the users are incredibly rich. Base on the existing financial situation, many users are willing to send their machine or equipment to repair out-do buying a new unit unless the equipment is beyond repair such as no aftermarket, lightning strike and etc.Image result for samsung tv repair london

I would like to share a true story with you. Few years back, my sister bought a cheap none brand 21″TV which was 50 percent of the branded TELEVISION price. After fourteen days, the TV front panel press button broken, not only that, the remote control not working as well. Due to these problems, she can’t adapt or replace the TV setting. I attempted to samsung tv repair london it but inside everything was so fragile. The caliber of the picture produced was so uninteresting and lack of comparison. Since from that experienced, I’ve learned my training and would not buy any none branded equipment in the future.

The newest 32″ LCD TV set which i bought few a few months back was a LG brand. Although there are some less expensive none branded LCD TELEVISION (cheaper by RM1000. 00), We don’t buy it because I know the quality is far less superior than the branded one. The reason I told you this story is time will tell when the behavior of purchasers change. That’s mean, consumers gets smarter and may reject something that would not last long and low in quality. Might you get a new TV SET and expect it to run for a year and then replace it with another one? I don’t think so because the amount of money you spent on buying a TV is should be expected it to last as long as it might and give you the satisfaction in term of quality wise, am I actually right?

Now, assuming the customers send the faulty equipment so that you can repair, how fast can you repair it and how good is your communication (people skills) with your customers (either owners or dealers) would really affect your business. Even if you are the best digital repairer in the world and don’t know how to communicate or speak to your customer, your repair business may wrap up losing to your competitors. In the present competitive business atmosphere, you need to build a strong relationship with your customers more than actually before. I am aware that almost all of us as an electronic repairer that like technical things have some trouble dealing with with customers (communication). Typically the way we convince our customers is not as good as those created with natural gift idea (such a good salesman) that they can certainly treat any customers like their friends. I’m not here to ask you to definitely compare with them but we now have the choice of bettering yourself. Many of us like to dwell in our comfortable place (technical department) and concentrating doing our repair job and at the same time ignoring what happen to the surrounding (including of entertaining your customers) am i correct?? My friends, if there are no sales and no customers; there would be nothing for us to repair. Without having sales, there would be no activity in your company!